About Us

Because We Can – NFP was the big idea of Charles “Charlie” M Lynch II. Charlie was born with Cystic Fibrosis and had many long stays in the hospital. As he got older Charlie realized that while hospitals receive many donations for younger children, but often times older children are overlooked. Charlie wanted to do something to help other young people who are facing health issues that may require prolong stays and/or many visits at a hospital.

So to that means he reached out to many of his friends and Because We Can – NFP (Not for Profit) was created. The main focus of the group is to collect and distribute donations for toys/entertainment needs of older children and young adults that are facing severe illness that may require long-term stays at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Another goal Charlie established was that the organization would also provide a scholarship to a graduating New Athens High School senior who had a passion for volunteer work and desired to work in the medical field.  Charles felt that doing volunteer work within a community was one of the best ways to make for a better community and was a reward in itself.  However, with  this award and recognition, this is our organization’s way to say “Thank You” to a young student for their volunteer work.